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I encourage self-discovery and support my clients in generating creative, embodied solutions and strategies for the outcomes that they want in their life.

Coaching is a client-led, collaborative, transformative process for personal and professional awareness, growth and becoming.
What if you've always known what to do, but haven’t had the right person to support you?

Coaching should feel like a safe and productive landing place. Your deepest yearnings, fears, and dreams are honored and offered ground to emerge, be seen, known and integrated.


Working with me is not meant to tell you what to do, or serve as your crystal ball. I will support you to find the answers in yourself, then follow through.


Acting as a steward and companion, my job is to reflect your inner wisdom back to you and offer you tools to try, as you move forward with what you want. Together we will define your intentions, identify the strengths and resources available to you, create a plan, embrace any learning moments that arise along the way, and integrate all of the unfolding.

I companion people on
their journey toward:


  • Uncovering and clarifying intentions

  • Setting tangible, actionable goals

  • Doing "the work"

  • Achieving desired outcomes

  • Actualizing personal change

I will lovingly hold you accountable in service of your desires and values

Change can be painful, scary, challenging. That’s why I offer unlimited text, voice note and email contact in between sessions. Clients use this to give updates, ask for support, stay accountable, troubleshoot and forge ahead in our process.

My approach is informed by holistic psychology, internal family systems (IFS), somatic and relational awareness, ecology, and experiences of altered consciousness as tools for healing and deeper self-understanding. 

I draw from a number of perspectives and modalities:

  • IFS (Internal Family Systems)

  • Somatic Practices and Interventions

  • Psychoeducation  

  • Meditation and Mindfulness

  • Skill Building 

  • Accountability 

  • Consultation and educational resource sharing

Tangible actions are one key to integrating change

Simple behaviors you might need a boost for:

  • Attending yoga class twice a week 

  • Drinking 8 glasses of water a day

  • Following a microdosing protocol in a way that reduces risk and maximizes benefit


More open ended, longer term goals that may be reached in a more circuitous way:

  • Developing compassion for oneself

  • Helping to transition patterns of behavior and belief systems toward greater harmony and ease.

  • Planning and intention setting for future journeys


Coaching models trade clinical intervention for client intuition and focus more on the client as an expert of themselves.  I approach our container with a humanistic lens, leaving behind the “hierarchy” of an expert-patient dynamic and coming together as equals. 


Coaching has a beginning, middle and end (just like the psychedelic journey), unlike therapy which can be more open ended and ongoing. Coaching clients pay for that entire package upfront, or in installments.

“In the World through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.” 

― Frantz Fanon

The Process

Everyone starts with germination

Germination is our initial session, to get to know each other, dive deep into the waters of your hopes and dreams, begin to befriend whatever is holding you back, and chart our course

Choose a pathway

Pathways are frameworks that define the timing and depth of our commitment. Once you choose a pathway, we will customize it to fit your goals, intentions and availability. ​​


After each 1 hour coaching session, I will share my notes with you, outlining what we discussed, what you have accomplished, next steps to take, and any helpful resources


Then we Harvest, and close the container

Every growing season has a harvest; all journeys have an end. When we have completed all of the coaching sessions that we set out to hold, we will plan a closing session with space for contemplation and reflection, honoring the process, and future visioning


Coaching is distinct from therapy. A coach does not diagnose or treat mental disorders. We do not delve deeply into the past or promise to relieve mental/emotional suffering. 


Coaching is focused on the present moment, on identifying and utilizing the resources available to support your process, and on reaching measurable outcomes. 


Coaching happens with a client who is at or above their baseline for mental health and functioning. If someone is acutely below their baseline, coaching could be engaged in tandem with therapy (with a different practitioner).

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