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education and training 


mentorship and supervision

  • Clinical Supervision - Justin Rock - 2023-present

  • Group Supervision - Mel Galbraith - 2023-present

  • Peer Supervision - private, closed group - 2019-present

  • Group Mentorship and Coursework - Rita Bozi - 2022-present

  • PSIP Supervision - Saj Razvi - 2019



  • Exploring the Cultural and Healing Traditions of the Huni Kuin, Doubleblind Magazine, 2024

  • Why Connecting to the Earth May Be a Vital Part of Psychedelic Healing, Doubleblind Magazine, 2023

  • Why People on a Psychedelic Path Should Embrace Interpersonal Conflict, Doubleblind Magazine, 2023

  • Sexual Abuse in Psychedelic Therapy: Important Steps Being Taken to Support Survivors, Doubleblind Magazine, 2022

  • How The Psychedelic Movement Can Respond to Cases of Sexual Abuse, Lucid News, 2021

  • Consent is Psychedelic: Here’s Why, Doubleblind Magazine, 2021

  • The Systemic Culture Problems of the Psychedelics Industry, Lucid News, 2020

  • It’s 2020, and White Men Still Dominate Psychedelics Conferences,  Lucid News, 2020

  • What the Psychedelic Movement Can Learn from Permaculture, Doubleblind Magazine, 2020

  • How Social and Climate Justice Activism is Psychedelic, Psymposia, 2017

  • Psychedelics & Sexual Healing: A Talk with Dee Dee Goldpaugh, Psymposia, 2016


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